Welcome the the KIN Club Website!

The Kinesiology Club, or “KIN Club”, is open to any and all UT students looking to become involved on campus. KIN Club allows its members to become involved in the community through different volunteer events, like Marathon Kids, as well as expand their knowledge of careers in the Education, Kinesiology, and Health Education fields. In addition, KIN Club offers its members a great opportunity for social interaction with tailgates, attending Longhorn sporting events as a club, and intramural sports, to name a few things.

Icebreaker Winners

9/23/14 - Heads Up! Winners - Team 2!
9/9/14 - Scavenger Hunt Winners - Team 4!


Our very next meeting is Tuesday 10/7 at 6:30 PM in BEL 1005! Be there or be square!

Intramural Sports

OUR FIRST VOLLEYBALL GAME IS THIS SUNDAY @ 7pm!!! Please bring your dues AT the volleyball game so you can play!

ALSO, we have a BY WEEK for MEN'S IM FOOTBALL this week, so y'all take a break and get pumped for next week! Congrats on that win again!

As for CO-ED, same day and same time this week for the game! Come and support the team for those not playing this Thursday!

- Men's IM Football plays Sundays at 9 PM at the Intramural Fields!
- Coed IM Football plays Thursdays at 8 PM at the Intramural Fields.

- Don't forget to wear a black shirt and black shorts with NO pockets!
- If you are not playing, come out and support your fellow club members!

Upcoming Departmental CLUB EVENTS

10/7/14 - Meeting! Dr. John Bartholomew & Rita Moreno will be speaking
10/15/14 Career Fair - BEL 628
10/16/14 Caring for Cemo Volunteer Event @ Shultz Garden
11/2/14 Longhorn Halloween Volunteer Event 
11/15/14-11/16/14 CAMPING!!! Location TBD

*Keep checking the website for more events coming up in the following weeks*

Social Media

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CLub points

How to earn points:
- 1 pt per meeting
- 1 pt per IM game (playing or watching)
- 1 pt per social event
- 1 pt per hour at volunteer and fundraiser events
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